ATEBIT Weekly Update

Happy Monday you sexy sons o' guns! It’s your favourite here to give you the rundown on what’s going on in the Atebit Nation this week!


The Hungry Gamers - Ep#078

Did you know that Super Mario wasn’t a plumber anymore? Me either, but it happened last week. You may not have realised because you were too busy playing Destiny 2, like the THG crew.

This week Brendan, Ally and I deep dive into Activision’s latest title, Hearthstone nerfs, Stephen King’s It, South Park: FBW’s new racist difficulty mechanic (it’s incredible) and the crew decide to launch a new Podcast.


Conscription: Destiny 2 - ATEBIT NATION Clan

We’re drafting all able-bodied men and women to join the ATEBIT NATION Clan for Destiny 2 on PSN. Earn bonus XP and rewards for joining and help us to make our clan the greatest clan in the galaxy.

Stay tuned for Raid and Strike schedules.


AudioTechnica ATH-PG1 Giveaway

Thanks to our buddies at Audio Technica we’re giving away gaming headsets; one a month, every month for as long as we have to until the whole world is kitted out with these bad boys. 

Go to this page and enter!


OzHadou Nationals ‘15 - Sep 15-17

OHN’15 is finally upon us people. If you think you’re halfway-decent with your main in Tekken 7, SFV, GG Xrd, Smash Melee or Wii then get on a plane to Sydney, pick up the sticks and prove it. There are also another 30 games being run over the course of the three days, so there'll be plenty to do. Go to to find out more. 

I’ll be there, murking dogs in Tekken 7 and stealing the glory. I’ve never been to a Hilton before, it might be too nice for me. Will definitely have to half-inch something on the way out.


That’s all for another week folks. Take care and take care of those around you. Stay hungry.




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