10 Reboots That Have Caught Our Attention

As everyone in this day and age knows Hollywood loves a good reboot, sure there is a steady flow of new ideas and material but more often than not the various writers, directors and key decision makers prefer to go to a familiar well and retool various franchises which achieved varied levels of success.

I'll admit I am typically against remakes but every once in a while the brains trust in Hollywood strike it lucky with the perfect formula. Rob Zombie's take on Halloween was handled brilliantly, as was 21 Jump Street and the equally as hilarious sequel 22 Jump Street. While at the other end of the spectrum The A-Team, Charlies AngelsBewitched and Nightmare on Elm Street were poorly delivered and met with mostly negative reviews.

Now the latest wave of reboots are getting green lit for runs on television, there are quite alot actually, which made narrowing this list down alot harder than first thought. So anyway here are 10 reboots/remakes that will be hitting the airwaves over the next 12 months which have the potential to be good.

1. Training Day

Taking place 15 years after the events of the original Training Day film, this reboot sees an ethnicity swap as Bill Paxton takes on the role of the detective who has blurred the lines between corruption and honesty within the police force. Paxton will be paired with a fresh faced African American police officer eager to etch his place within the unit. Original director Antoine Fuqua and star Ethan Hawke were attached to return but have both since pulled out.

2. Lethal Weapon

The original buddy cop action comedy is back from the dead as Fox has ordered a pilot of the popular Lethal Weapon film series which starred Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. The story has been altered slightly as Riggs will now be a former Navy SEAL and Texas cop who moves to Los Angeles after the loss of his wife and child. In LA he is partnered with Martaugh, who is going to be played by Damon Wayans Sr, is attempting to avoid unnecessary stress after suffering a heart attack.

3. Tremors

Currently in development by Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions, the sci-fi comedy horror franchise Tremors was a cult classic released in 1990 based around giant killer worms terrorizing the Nevada desert, which spawned 4 direct to video sequels. The original film starred Kevin Bacon as Valentine Mckee who will return to the series 25 years later as an actor and also executive producer.

UCP and Blumhouse are currently shopping the project around to various networks and we’re told “multiple bidders” are interested. Obviously SciFi Channel’s new incarnation Syfy seems like one potential fit, but nowadays pretty much every network is interested in genre shows. 

4. Cruel Intentions

Writer/Director Roger Kumble has sold a script to NBC who are now working on bringing the seductive Cruel Intentions to the small screen.  The show will follow the progression of the film and focus on Sebastian Valmont and Annette Hargrove's 16 year old son. It was recently confirmed that Sarah Michelle Gellar will be reprising her role as the devious Kathryn.

5. Taken

It seems the world still cannot get enough of the action roller coaster ride that is Taken as NBC have ordered a prequel show direct from the films creator Luc Besson. The show will follow a young Brian Mills (portrayed by senior action superstar Liam Neeson) who is at this point in time, wife and daughter free. Taken will focus on how Mills obtained his "particular set of skills" with the lead role to be handled by Clive Standen who shot to fame portraying Rollo in Vikings.

6. Macgyver

James Wan of Fast and the Furious and Saw fame is currently working on a new TV series that will be produced by CBS. Macgyver was an action legend during the 90s with a level of creativity that was second to none, you need a car but only have 2 bobbypins, a roll of electrical tape and a packet of Ruffles? No problem Macgyver will make it happen.

This time round the show will focus on a 20 something Angus Macgyver who uses his scientific abilities to land a job at a secret organisation.

7. The Mist

One of the few Stephen King adaptations that didn't completely suck, The Mist saw Thomas Jane fight for survival against an evil mist like force (terrible description but seriously watch the movie). The original film was tackled by Frank Darabont of The Walking Dead fame, no word on if Darabont will play a part in the series which will be produced by Spike.

8. Friday the 13th

Everyone's favourite hockey mask wearing psycho is coming to television. The immortal Jason Vorhees (as evidenced by 12 films to date) will be brought to life by The CW with the story focusing on a police officer digging into past murders in search of his missing brother. No doubt his search will lead him to Crystal Lake where a healthy dose of corny sexism, gore and slashing will occur.

9. Twin Peaks

25 years since the last episode aired on television Twin Peaks, the supernatural drama helmed by David Lynch and Mark Frost will be returning for a new 18 episode season. The original series focused on the disappearance of a local homecoming queen and the ensuing investigation by an FBI agent. Several members of the original cast will be returning including lead actors Kyle Maclachlan and Sherilyn Fenn. The show is scheduled to be released on Showtime in 2017.

10. Star Trek

One of the biggest names in film and television is also slated to return in 2017 on CBS is none other than the legendary Star Trek. The story, timeline and characters are still shrouded in mystery but what is known is Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer has joined on as consulting producer and writer, while Bryan Fuller will serve as lead showrunner.