The Hungry Gamers: Episode 042 (Grandmas Boy)

On this forty second episode we see the Fantastic Four reunited to drop some video game truths while also talking about the worst presents they have ever received.

The team also talk:

- Donuts being the next food fad
- Sam loving World of Final Fantasy
- Tonnes of Titanfall 2
- Virginia missing the mark for Brendan
- Arrival being one of the best "alien invasion" films in years
- Kriss Kringle IS Secret Santa
- The latest Heathstone expansion
- Sam panning Blizzard for making mediocre games
- Scarlett Johansson - Ghost in the Shell & Mario Kart

Brendan White

The man behind Ate Bit, part time slacker, full time dork with a love for all things pop culture. 1/3 of the infamous Hungry Gamers, destroyer of burgers and player of video games.

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