The Hungry Gamers: Episode 029 (Sam Hates Paul Walker)

The world first episode twenty nine of The Hungry Gamers podcast is here, Ally, Brendan and Sam are in career best (or worst) form. An unusual trip back in time to discuss Batman vs Superman is just the tip of the iceberg of a jam packed episode of gaming and pop culture goodness.

They also dive into:

- Hearthstone
- Faily Brakes
- Inside
- Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom
- No Man's Sky
- Final Fantasy XV Delayed
- Project Alloy VR
- The End of Xbox?
- Metal Gear Survive
- xXx & Fast & The Furious

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Stay hungry out there.

Brendan White

The man behind Ate Bit, part time slacker, full time dork with a love for all things pop culture. 1/3 of the infamous Hungry Gamers, destroyer of burgers and player of video games.

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