The Hungry Gamers: Episode 012 (Intro to Retro)

The best looking trio in video game podcasts are back for round twelve!?! And joining the boys this episode is a legend among the retro circles, sometimes known as White Baby Shaq, always known as Dusty.

In this episode they delve into:

- Retro Gaming (The What, Where & Why)
- Doom
- Battleborn
- Titanfall 2
- God of War IV
- Guitar Hero MMOs
- Handheld Gaming
- Multiplayer: Then and Now

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Stay Hungry out there.

Brendan White

The man behind Ate Bit, part time slacker, full time dork with a love for all things pop culture. 1/3 of the infamous Hungry Gamers, destroyer of burgers and player of video games.

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