The Hungry Gamers: Episode 050 (RTXtreme w/ RESET Podcast)

In a landmark fiftieth episode the gang are joined in celebration by the ever talented duo of Tegan and Michael, who are otherwise known as RESET podcast. How much carnage can a 6 person podcast create? You'll have to listen through to find out.

In this episode they talk:

- RTX Sydney
- Resident Evil VII opinions & news
- Guts & Glory
- The cancellation of Good Game, as well as gaming TV shows in general
- Bioware launching their next series, an action-adventure title, in 2018
- Blizzard, cross over characters and the need for balancing
- Nioh, a more accessible Dark Souls clone?

Plus much, much more


The Hungry Gamers: Episode 049 (Shooting the Breeze with Hideo Kojima)

With their twelve month anniversary officially in the can, The Hungry Gamers are back with their best ever forty ninth episode. Listen as Reece delivers a world first, announcing Overwatch 2!?! Well not really...

They also talk:

- Brendan's love affair with Resident Evil VII + early GOTY hype
- Pokemon Duel, is it worth your time?
- Digimon World: Next Order
- Inside being a tad overrated
- Square Enix and Marvel partnering up
- The Apocalypse Now game
- RTX Sydney 2017


The Hungry Gamers: Episode 048 (Owen Wilsons Nose Was Eaten by a Zombie)

Coming at you for a record forty eighth time, The Hungry Gamers are here to invade your ears as they prepare for their Twitch debut at GenerOzity. They also take a trip down memory lane, discussing the countless karting games released over the years.

They also talk some:

- The Wario franchise
- The best characters to use in Mario Kart
- Donkey Kong Country and the subsequent spin offs
- Space Hulk Deathwing not being that good  
- Games Done Quick raising over $2.2million USD
- Playdead teasing their next game
- Chinese Soothsayers pretty much being wizards
- Watch Dogs 2 going free to play (for 3 hours)
- The Resident Evil films being utter bulls**t
- The Blade film series


The Hungry Gamers: Episode 047 (The Nintend'oh Stitch-Up)

Returning bigger and better than ever, The Hungry Gamers fly into 2017 in the only way they know, fast and loose! Divided discussion surrounding the Nintendo Switch headlines the episode, breaking down the highs and lows of the recent event held in Japan.

Ally, Brendan, Reece and Sam also talk some:

- Watch Dogs 2
- The Dishonored franchise
- DOOM being balls to the wall awesome
- Senran Kagura being boobtastic
- Mass Effect Andromeda
- The Alien: Covenant VR experience
- Resident Evil VII going 4D
- Playstation 4 being the king of Porn Hub
- The cancellation of Scalebound
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battles - THE game to play on Australia Day?
- GenerOzity

The Hungry Gamers: Episode 046 (The 2016 Hungry Awards)

Coming at you live from the prestigious Hungry HQ, it's the First Annual Hungry Awards! Join hosts Sam, Reece and Brendan as they recognise the industry's greatest, as voted by you! There is also the usual mix of semi-informed, general gaming nonsense thrown in for good measure.

We'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has listened, shared, interacted and helped us grow from a small group of friends recording in Reece's basement to a successful weekly podcast (recorded in lovely North Sydney). Without you we couldn't have enjoyed such a wonderful and exciting first year. Again, thank you, you're the best!

See you all in 2017, hungrier than ever before.

Much Love,

The Hungry Gamers

The Hungry Gamers: Episode 045 (The Dreaded Thirteenth Chapter)

On the second last episode of 2016, Brendan and Sam pick apart the highs and lows they've experienced during their combined 70 hours of playing time in Final Fantasy XV, with some well aimed frustration at the dreaded thirteenth chapter.

They also discuss:

- The debut live gameplay of the Nintendo Switch
- Sony selling 50 million Playstation 4 consoles
- Attack on Titan returning in 2017 for a second season
- Tom Clancy's: Wildlands & Sea of Thieves upcoming ALPHA/BETA testing
- The Australian Gaming Podcast Network

The Hungry Gamers: Episode 044 (Festivus)

In a very special forty fourth episode the team sit down and celebrate the holiday known as Festivus, airing their gaming grievances & problems from 2016.

They also talk some:

- Reliving KirboQuest
- EB Games continually trolling Reece
- Final Fantasy XV, did it live up to Sams lofty expectations?
- Black Mirror & it needing to be on your radar
- Games that are universally loved but you don't like
- Resident Evil 7 being cross platform with Xbox One & Windows
- Pokemon Sun & Moon selling like hot cakes
- Death Stranding, what exactly is Kojima doing?
- New gameplay footage for Mass Effect Andromeda

The Hungry Gamers: Episode 043 (Penetrated by Strangers)

Ally, Brendan and Sam return for the forty third time and dive straight into some Genital Jousting discussion, because why not?

The trio also tackle some:

- Charmed (yeah the show about the witch sisters)
- Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and ranking it against the other 2016 shooters
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered initial impressions
- Batman - A Telltale Series Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham missing the mark
- Sam loving the troll life while gaming
- More hands on Playstation VR talk
- Symmetra being the first Overwatch character getting a second Ultimate
- Nintendo Switch launch price leaked?
- Alien: Covenant and the Alien universe in general

The Hungry Gamers: Episode 042 (Grandmas Boy)

On this forty second episode we see the Fantastic Four reunited to drop some video game truths while also talking about the worst presents they have ever received.

The team also talk:

- Donuts being the next food fad
- Sam loving World of Final Fantasy
- Tonnes of Titanfall 2
- Virginia missing the mark for Brendan
- Arrival being one of the best "alien invasion" films in years
- Kriss Kringle IS Secret Santa
- The latest Heathstone expansion
- Sam panning Blizzard for making mediocre games
- Scarlett Johansson - Ghost in the Shell & Mario Kart

The Hungry Gamers: Episode 036 (Luke Cage vs The Noodle Markets)

The unholy trinity are back for a world first thirty sixth time to talk all things gaming, with a splash of shade thrown on Marvel's Luke Cage as well as the Sydney Night Noodle Markets.

Brendan, Reece & Sam also debate:

- Reece finding bargains at EB Games
- Mafia 3 falling short of expectations
- Encountering carnivores in ARK
- Gears of War getting turned into a film
- The constant nerfs of Hearthstone
- Star Wars Battlefront going free to play
- The real No Man's Sky featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson