Incoming Changes for Titanfall 2 "Tech Test"

With a mixed bag of responses from fans during last weekends Titanfall 2 "tech test", Respawn have announced a slew of changes that will be incorporated into the next round of alpha testing.

Notable changes are as follows:

- Your Pilot's speed in the air and while wall-running will be faster.
- Your Pilot will accumulate and retain speed better while wall-running.
- Your Pilot will passively gain Titan meter.
- Titan survivability has been tweaked, reducing the amount of damage certain weapons do to the mechs.
- Titan dashes will recharge faster.
- The distance at which enemy outlines appear will be reduced.

The next "tech test" for Xbox One and Playstation 4 owners kicks off this coming weekend, starting on August 26th and is free to participate in, download via the Xbox Live or Playstation Stores.

Brendan White

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