The Hungry Gamers: Episode 062 (Chris Pratt Loves Wendys Hotdogs)

Coming at you like Starlord himself, Ally, Brendan & Reece return for the sixty second time to fill your ears with gaming and geek related goodness. 

On this episode they talk some:

- Guardians of the Galaxy 2
- Dawn of War 3, pwnin Orcs is life
- Nacho man hats, yay or nay?
- Drinking straws, do they have a place in liquid society?
- Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap, nostalgic gold
- The weekly Persona 5 update, HINT adults are still evil
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the best selling game (on Amazon) in 2017
- Nintendo on the upswing
- Call of Duty: WWII announced, complete with a multi-story campaign
- Tekken removing Roger as a playable character due to "animal cruelty outrage"

Plus lots, lots more!

Shout out to our iTunes listener of the week BoxRar001

Brendan White

The man behind Ate Bit, part time slacker, full time dork with a love for all things pop culture. 1/3 of the infamous Hungry Gamers, destroyer of burgers and player of video games.

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