News, reviews, giveaways and entertainment are but a few of the things you will find here at Ate Bit, in between rage quitting and binge watching we are constantly searching out breaking news both from within the local scene here in Australia but also from across the pond as well.

From it's humble beginnings in late 2015 ATEBIT has always been about the fans, started as a creative outlet coupled with a news hub ATEBIT has grown into one the premier places to satisfy your craving on all things video games and pop culture. We have always been focused on providing fresh and unique takes on the regular happenings within the industry while also being free of corporate red tape, no matter what heights ATEBIT reach that focus will never change, we are run by fans, for fans.


Ally Heart (Host) @missallyheart

Ben McJannett (Content Creator) @thespawny13

Brendan White (Founder & Host) @brendanatebit

Dustin Crawley (Content Creator) @white_baby_shaq

Eldar Basic (Content Creator) @eldartalks

Josh Sia (Content Creator) @slayer_tip

Mike Soriano (Writer) @therealmikesori

Paris Winston (Writer) @parisvakarian

Reece Kirby (Host) @reeceatebit

Saleem Abraham (Host) @saleemabraham

Sam Harkin (Writer) @sammydeedge

The Hungry Gamers, from left to right: Reece Kirby, Brendan White and Sam Abraham

The Hungry Gamers, from left to right: Reece Kirby, Brendan White and Sam Abraham

The casual video gamers new favourite podcast, The Hungry Gamers is a weekly show focused on entertainment, banter and a healthy dose of gaming knowledge. Each week the Hungry Gamers team provide 90 minutes of video game fire and convey it in a way that gamers both young and old, casual and hardcore, can digest and enjoy without fear of boredom or getting lost in terminology that you need an engineering degree to appreciate.

The self proclaimed best looking foursome in video gaming share a love for all things video games, both AAA and indie as well as a passion for film, television, anime and fried food. Each week we try to combine the best of everything previously mentioned with a focus on engaging loose discussion coupled with a unique lashing of Australian humour.

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